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Growing up in Jackson County John was born into a family with lifelong service to the community. His dad, Henry was a State Representative and his mom Silvia was also a Jackson County Legislator in the early 90's. His brother Tony has also worked for the Kansas City Police Department for over twenty years.


John became a Jackson County Committeeman as a young Democrat at Rockhurst University. While at Rockhurst Univeristy John served on the board of directors of Old Northeast Inc. which was a non-profit organization that worked to revitalized Old Northeast by restoring homes, and doing public projects like removing graffiti to end blight in neighborhoods.


John graduated from Rockhurst University 2004 and was appointed to the board of directors at Truman Medical Centers by then County Executive Mike Sanders to understand better how to provide quality healthcare. While on the board of Truman Medical Centers John was asked to serve on the fiscal responsibility committee overseeing the finances of the organization, which he did until he resigned after being elected to serve as State Representative in 2011. Since then, he has been representing the people of Independence, Sugar Creek, and Northeast Kansas City in Jefferson City.



As our State Representative John has been leading the fight for working families. John is a member of the Communications Workers of America and has stood up for labor since being elected. John has also served on the budget, economic development, local government, and fiscal review committees.


John worked across party lines with Republican Noel Torpey to pass landbank legislation that has helped to reduce blight in the 19th district by cutting through red tape and making vacant, blighted properties more attractive for redevelopment. In his first year as State Representative he was able to secure funds in the state budget for shotspotter technology that will can pinpoint where gun shots are fired, which can lead to a faster police response time.


These are just some of the experiences and accomplishments John has had in his time as State Represenative for our community. Getting John elected to the Missouri Senate will make sure that we have a Senator who knows how to make a difference and will fight for us.



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