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As your next State Senator, John will engage police departments and prosecutors to find out what they need to keep our neighborhoods safe. John understands that keeping our community safe is a joint effort of not only getting criminals out of our neighborhoods but working with the Jackson County Prosecutor to keep them out.


In 2011 John was able to secure funding for shotspotter technology in the House of Represntatives Budget Committee. This equipment can pinpoint where gunshots are fired which can lead to a faster response time. These ideas as well as a working relationship with law enforcement have made John a leader on fighting crime in the House of Representatives. Electing John would ensure we have a proven crime fighter in the Missouri Senate fighting for us.







Every child deserves a quality education. A good education should involve parents and teachers working together. Good schools are the foundation of our future. We cannot succeed as a community and create the jobs of the future without making the resources necessary from grade school to college. It was once said that "economic development begins in kindergarten."


John has been a staunch advocate of fully funding our schools every year he has been in state legislature. The sooner we fully fund the foundation formula, the sooner we can start offering early childhood education. Putting more state dollars into our schools that are underfunded by the Republican majority every year gives our children the resources they need to succeed.


Since being elected State Representaive John Rizzo has sponsored and supported anti-bullying legislation because John knows that every child should feel safe in school. Bullying should have no place in our schools, all of our children are different and should be made to feel accepted and appreciated.



We need somebody who has been in the fight and won representing us in the Senate. John is the only candidate in the race that has a 100% labor voting record. In the Missouri House of Representatives John's support for labor unions has been unwavering and will continue to be in the Senate.


As a member of the Communications Workers of America John understands the importance of protecting working families in Missouri. For years working families have been under constant attack by Republicans. John Rizzo has been on the front lines protecting our unions and not allowing them to chip away at workers rights. In 2015 John was a leader fighting against the attempt to make Missouri a right to work for less state. Right to work is wrong and we need a Senator who will be ready if they try to pass this legislation again.


Because of his support for the labor community John has been fully endorsed by  major labor organizations in the past and is hopeful with his flawless labor record to be fully endorsed again in the near future.  





We have had success in bringing the auto industry to our community, but we must build on that success. Our state should ensure that our economic development is fiscally responible and taxpayer dollars should be used wisely to create good, quality jobs.


As State Representative John Rizzo has introduced legislation to raise the minimum wage because he knows that it is not a living wage and that it is not enough to provide for a family. Raising the minimum wage puts more money into the economy and creates more locally owned businesses and jobs.


It has been proven that women in our economy only make 71 cents to the dollar that men make. This must change, women are working hard to make Missouri a better place they deserve equal pay. John Rizzo has introuduced legislation to right this wrong and as our Senator he will work to make sure that this becomes law.


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